Air Max Smoke Evacuator is suggesting a good alternative for smoke, microdust, and even offensive odor control, which is an unavoidable by-products in laser treatment. With a triple filter system, AirMax enables  to eliminate not only smoke and micro dust itself, but also offensive odors too, which general smoke evacuators cannot so far. AirMax also adopts a flexable and self-stainable hose, and it  provides an user friendly environment,  cause no assistant needed.



•  Triple Filter system (Prefilter, Carbon Filter, Hepa Filter) shows the highest collection efficacy for micro dust and offensive odor

•   Flexible, yet self-sustainable hose, doesn't need an assistant

•   Easy filter exchange with Filter Sliding Exchange System

•   Adopts powerful Air pump with 3/4 horse power

•   Adjustable intensity of air flow


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