IDS 3100

High Power UV LED Light and specially designed lens coating present Perfect UV fluorescence imaging. Magnum's UV Quality is stronger than any existing Wood's Lamps or UV LED Magniflers.
>  UV LIght Mode 2 Types
> The Perfect Solution for Your Office
> Simple, Easy but Powerful yet
> Polarized and Non-Polarized Mode
> The highest Visual Acuity
> Biggest in Size but Smallest in Weight
> Developed by Optical Experts

365-nm UV: Examination of pigmented & hypo-pigmented skin lesions including melisma and vitiligo.
395-nm UV: Detection of cutaneous fungal or bacterial infection, acne, skin inflammation, etc.
Polarized Light Illumination: Diagnosis of actinic keratosis,
non-melanoma skin cancers, and melanoma by reducing
the reflection of the skin surface.
Non-polarized Light Illumination: Better able to examine
skin surface.

Various Field of Application
 > Dermatology
 > Veterinary Medicine
 > General Medicine
 > Esthetics


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