1. Wi-Fi & Portable Diagnosis System

Wireless diagnosis system connects handset and tablet

- Keeps your work environment clean and clutter-free

- Portable camera with embedded rechargeable battery

2. Easy to Use

- Bidirectional communication link between handset and tablet

- Automatic camera mode selection

- User-friendly interface

3. High-Contrast Images and Accurate Analysis

- Fast and clear imaging with 5-mega pixel CMOS camera

- Accurate analysis based on the clear images and best optimized algorithms developed inhouse

- Differentiated automatic diagnosis process:  Moisture,  Pores, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Acne, Keratin, Skin clarity, Skin tone

4. Compatible with both Android and iOS

- Real-time image transfer via Wi-Fi

- E-mail sent with personalized diagnosis results 

5. One Single Multi-Spectral Optical Unit for Multiple Measurements

- One optical unit covers all modes

- Moisture measurement via the moisture sensor embedded in the lens unit

6. Self-Sterilizing for Peace of Mind

- Sterilization function (UV light) embedded in the dock

- Disposable measurement aids: Keratin tape and Sebum indicator tape




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