dermalight 500

The variable UV-irradiation unit for the treatment ...

The variable UV-irradiation unit for the treatment
of hands / feet / face or body parts 

  • Microprocessor control with dosage limitation and safety shut-down
  • Alternatively time or dosage control
  • Elapsed hour counter
  • Variable, applicable UV-irradiation unit
  • Special reflectors afford short treatment times
  • Plexiglass window in front of the lamps protect from direct contact and is, furthermore, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Basic unit including support for 4 different positions
  • Continuous adjustment of height via pneumatic spring (for apparatus with tripod)
  • Moveable and space-saving tripod
  • Integrated shut-down of safeness temperature
  • Compliancy of all legal regulations and standards
  • Modern and adequate design

The dermalight 500 unit
dermalight 500 as basic unit  and the apparatus in combination for  up to 3 units with tripod respectively , is a functional UV-irradiation unit for different areas of body. Hands, feet, chest, back, rump or shank can be treated effectively by a special construction.

dermalight 500 can be combined to up to 3 basic units and the moveable as well as height adjustable tripod.

The height adjustable tripod of dermalight 500 permits a simultaneous treatment of hands and feet in a comfortable sitting position as well as other body parts.

By dint of the pivoting base of the tripod, the treatment angle can be fixed to the desired body part.

The above treatment unit in combination have an external control, which is rotary. So an accurate dosage is doable independent from the position of the unit.

Variable and multifunctional applicable
dermalight 500-1 tripod with 1 unit
dermalight 500-2 tripod with 2 units
dermalight 500-3 tripod with 3 units

The dermalight 500 unit
With the dermalight 500 with moveable and height adjustable tripod, it is possible to have many, user-defined treatment combinations and it can be equipped with different lamps.


  • PUVA treatment
  • Psoriasis
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Vitiligo
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Acne
  • And other 

Spectral range of the lamps

  • Broadband UV-A (PUVA)
  • Special UV-A1
  • Broadband UV-B (SUP)
  • Narrowband UV-B/311nm 

Exact dosage
The integrated microprocessor control enables a proper adjustment of treatment time and dosage respectively. The lamps cut off automatically after the expiration of the chosen treatment time. So it is guaranteed that it not amount to overdose. In case of a break, the remaining time will be stored.

Thanks to the high UV-intensity, the treatment time are reduced, which reduces the formation of erythema and the cumulative dose.

Unitised dermalight 500
dermalight 500 is unitised and can be ream anytime. Incipient with a basic unit it can be ream to up to 3 treatment units plus moveable and height adjustable tripod.

Dermalight 500
(unit with support) 

Dermalight 500-1
(tripod with 1 unit at the top)

Dermalight 500-2
(tripod wit h2 units,
1 at the top and 1 beneath)

Dermalight 500-3
(tripod with 3 units,
1 at the top, 1 in the middle and 1 beneath)

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