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Hydro-Activator Cream

Melting cream with a nice perfume to combine with facial massage cream. The use of both makes a perfect combination of actives that strengthen the microcapsules expansion.

application area:





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SK Hydra-Filler Programme

Multifunctional cosmetic innovative treatment that associates the durable moisturizing concept with the wrinkles effective correction. This method, complementary and alternative to surgical treatments, is based on the use of water bio attractors with filler effect. Its efectiveness is based on the development of two sequential phases: microcapsules liberation, with filler effect on the wrinkles and expression lines, and their expansion, which creates an imperceptible biofilm that minimizes the operation of transdermal patches.

kind of skin:
Wrinkled, Ageing, Dry, Thin

application area:
Neck, Lips, Eyes, Face



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