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Firming Biologic

Firming factor with micro-alga concentrated extract. It inhibits the enzymes that preserve elastine from degradation. The combination of organic silicon with tissue support structures strengthens abdomen, thigh and armpit skin's firmnessm reducing the flaccidity caused by pregnancies or intensive weight loss.

application area:
Thighs, Armpit
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Firming Massage Cream

Massage cream for the body's reaffirmation. Composed of kiwi and mango fresh cells which are opened during the massage liberating all the fruit vitamins and anti-age substances, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being on the skin. A vegetal complex rich in calcium, copper and zinc stimulates the body tone and helps to fight the tissues flaccidity.



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Body Firming Specific

Firming formula that fights immediately body flaccidity. It contains a mixture of plants, algae and bioelements chrono-energizing essential to restore cell communication, stimulate the support elements neosynthesis, especially collagen and elastin, and protect them from the mechanisms responsible for tissue flaccidity.



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Anti-Stretch Marks Specific

Specific cream to prevent and treat stretch marks. It contains vegetal extracts, emollient oils and a multi-vitamin nourishing complex that contribute to fast and efficently reconstruct skin's structural mould, notably improving stretch marks aspect.



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Breast Firming Specific

Product elaborated with a singular plants complex that mitigates and prevents the loss of breast firmness. After its application bust gets firmer and its aspect notably improves. Ideal after a weight reducing diet, maternity or maturity.

application area:

Cold Invigorating Gel Tired Legs and Cellulite.jpg

Cold Invigorating Gel Tired Legs and Cellulite

Reductor gel, cold effect, that produces an intense sensation of freshness and relax. Powerful peripheral vasoconstrictor, it improves cutaneous micro-circulation, soothes body heaviness and remodels tissues. It is good to treat tired legs, cellulite or to apply with cold bandages.

application area:

Flat Abdomen Specific.jpg

Flat Abdomen Specific

Reductor gel with an incredible double action mechanism (Dual Front Shock Action) that diminishes abdomen's volume and efficently enhances the figure. Made with a natural perfume that liberates remodelling molecules. It is ideal to maintain a slender silhouette and firm abdomen after pregnancy or during weight loss diets.

application area:



Backed by the huge success of its exclusive anti-cellulitic complex SK-Protasvelt®, this revolucionary remodeling program strengthens its intense action with other anti-cellulitic actives. Thus it reduces the size of fat nodules and limitates the total number of fat cells that store new triglycerides. The result is a greater and longer decrease of volume compared with conventional treatments. Notable results from the first weeks of application, including with the hardest cellulitis!

kind of skin:
All skin tipes

application area:
Thighs, Legs, Abdomen, Gluteus, Body


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