Air Jet

• What is AIRJETTM ?

Based on Kinetic energy and specially designed nozzle, it generates high pressure energy and sprays non-ionized solutions (more than 500kDa) into the dermal layer by called JET BULLET EFFECT for three-dimensional subcision.

• Easy & Safe solution delivery

AIRJET is a noninvasive solution delivery system by compressed air at high velocity. It is most advanced delivery system without needle and minimizes damage in the epidermis.

• New Methode of Skin Rejuvenation     

- Scars                             

- Face Lifting     

- Skin Rejuvenation                

- Wrinkles   

• Features     

- Maximization of solution delivery efficiency                           

 - Easy and Convenient change     

- Low noise design     

- Ergonomic design   

 -  Safety  



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