Lotus III


The high repetition rates of pulsed LOTUSIII can ablate various epidermal lesions with the cold ablation mode at 40µs pulse duration and is able to coagulate tissue using thermal effect with the ultra-long pulse mode at 5ms pulse duration. The versatility of the LOTUSIII can offer many different settings and modes for a customized treatment plan for various indications. As LASEROPTEK’s lasers are technically sound and with the addition of the 40µs and 5ms modes, more skin indications can be treated with less downtime and almost no discomfort.


DOE Fractional Mode LOTUSIII is equipped with the proprietary DOE (Diffraction Optical Element) fractional beam technology.  LASEROPTEK’s DOE fractional technology can deliver uniform fluence and energy of each individual fractional beam, resulting in equal distribution of the fractional energy to the skin, ablation of the skin in a uniform pattern, and lowering the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, burns, and hypo-pigmentation. The fractional handpiece allows the laser beam to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin to stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin. Patients can see remarkable improvement in their skins


High Stability of Output Energy

- Short term output stability: < 3%

- Long term stability: < 5%

- Maximum output energy: 3 Joule



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