Power Flash

Powerflash has established itself as one of the most effective machines for permanent hair removal. It exploits light energy to remove  face and body hair in an easy, fast, safe and painless manner. The results are visible after just a few applications and are long-lasting.


  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Active Acne
  • Vascular

Powerflash allows exploiting the effects of light selecting different wavelengths so that any skin type can be treated in absolute safety. The application window size (50x25mm) is the largest available on the market and makes Powerflash the ideal way to treat vast areas in little time. Powerflash uses the effects of intense pulsed light also for face beauty care. Thanks to the special snap-on lamp - an international GP patent - that can be changed in a matter of seconds, you can use the filtration suited to the patient's skin type and the treatment you want to perform. Lightweight and compact, Powerflash is easy to transport.


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