Power Shape

How does Radiofrequency + Vacuum + Lipolaser POWERSHAPE 2 work?

The new generation in body contouring & skin tightening treatments. PowerShape2 offers multiple treatment applications equipped with industry’s most coveted aesthetic technologies & desired aesthetic treatments. From simple improvements in probleme areas to major full-body transformation, we can help you look your very best.






• Heats up the tissues of both the superficial and the deep layers of the skin;

• Increases the intracellular distribution of oxygen through the increase of the tissue's temperature;

• Improves microcirculation, assists the activation of fibroblasts;

• Stimulates the metabolism, activates the lipolytics and reduces the local fat of the targeted area;

• Profound tonifying, regardless of the patient's age;

• Reduces the stretch marks and prevents their appearance;

• Visible improvement of the skin's aspect right after the first treatment;

• Mitigates the aspect of cellulite;


Clinical Indication

• Skin Tightening

• Cellulite Improvement

• Fat Cell Reduction

• Circumference Reduction

• Post Liposuction Treatment


Advantages and Benefits

• Applies to a broad patient population, treating various body types and multiple body areas including facial areas.

• Versatility in treating all different areas of stubborn fat and/or sagging skin with one device.

• Comfortable simple and fast treatments guaranteed high level of patient satisfaction.

• Non invasive, Non surgical, No anesthesia are required. Virtually painless treatment.

• A non surgical procedure with little to no downtime.

• Helps reduce post-operative swelling by improving the blood circulation of the treated area.

• Easy to operate.

• No consumables means low cost of ownership. (except for thermal tip)



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