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HERCA :: Complete Solution in Aesthetic Medical
Nutritive Solution | 2 ml ampoule 0.07 fl. oz. Polyvitamins Nutritive Solution is a powerful vitamin complex that delivers deep dermonutrition. It supplies essential energizing elements that stimulate the skin cells’ natural processes.   The vitamins A, C, E combined with B-Complex fight against devitalized dermal appearance. Skin’s texture is smoothed by this highly
OXYLITE - 4in1
  OXYLITE 4IN1 OXY LIGHT Equipment uses the world's top scientific and technology achievement, which applies the response of photodynamic to skin treatment and maintenance, It is a facial skin care expert, with simple operation with no side effect.    Photo dynamic therapy is using cold lights, and wouldnot produce high temperature, and could not burn the skin. Transfer light